News: Dessa announces “Castor, the Twin” Pre-order

Dessa’s next album, Castor, The Twin, is set for release October 4, 2011. The album’s first ten songs are reworkings of previous Dessa songs. The final song is the first single from Dessa’s next full length, due out 2012.

Not only does the pre-order net you a signed copy of Castor, The Twin, it includes a limited-edition print of Dessa’s newest short fiction, “Sleeping with Nikki.”

It’s a story about love, debt, pinball, human agency, and submarines. It’s a tiny little book (I’ve made those since I was little, usually for my kid brother, Max.).  We’re going to be printing up 1,500 of them and hand numbering each one. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Pre-ordering also supports upcoming Doomtree releases; the money from Castor, The Twin, will go directly to funding the new Doomtree record, No Kings, dropping in November.

Pre-order Dessa’s Castor, The Twin at the Doomtree Store.

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